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I prefered to go to Kyiv via Kharkiv rather than a direct route. Other options was much more  costly.  One of  the Pegasus flıghts was connected via Ankara to Kyiv. It ıs not worth to mention about  other options, both expensive and laborious. The  Turkish Airlines flies from  the  new İstanbul  Airport to Kyiv Borispol directly. I flew afternoon on the 29th of October 2019 from the Sabiha Gökçen Airport. I thought I had known the Kharkiv Airport very well. Even so it was a surprise to me. Because the Ukrainian police delayed me at the passport check-point for the first time. They were questioning me about why I was coming there, whether I had the return ticket to Turkey. "Of course , yes.. I have", was my answer. I was the last  passenger while i was passing the passport check-point. Whereas the Ukraine State does not have any restrictive visa regime to the Turkish citizens, I couldn't find any logical reason for   their behaviours. I  have always wanted

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